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Demonstrates how positive emotions are key to engagement, productivity, well-being and financial wealth.


Provides tools that individuals and teams can immediately use to increase their levels of happiness and success.


Has a proven track record as a leader and keynote speaker, having spent 20 years in senior management roles.

Experience the power of a Top Keynote Speaker

Leadership Coach

As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul can take individuals and teams to new heights. For teams, he offers culture change and a powerful new way of cooperation. He excels at inspiring team members to become their best selves, so that they become motivated both in their work and outside life. For individuals, he offers a safe and powerful environment where you can learn about yourself and reach your personal goals.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Paul is motivating, inspiring and expectation-smashing. No matter what you might expect from a keynote speaker, Paul provides a fresh and intriguing look at the conditions that lead to workplace engagement and success. Paul is one of the top motivational speakers in Canada, and consistently receives a 9+ out of 10 rating on feedback forms.

Fuel up your audience. Get them excited to do their best work.

Make them feel inspired and put a lift in their step.

Learn the serious business of positive emotions!

As a keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach, Paul Krismer teaches the practical application of positive emotions to achieve corporate and personal excellence.

Paul’s authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. His playful and captivating storytelling complements his accessible presentation of the science of success. His teaching is powerful and persuasive. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical, providing tools that audiences and entire workforces can immediately use.

Paul has a proven track record as an inspirational leader and keynote speaker. For twenty years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of employees, multi-million dollar projects, leading organizational keynotes and cheerfully growing future leaders. Now, he has made a name for himself as a decorated keynote speaker and Certified Executive Coach. Paul is appreciated for his kind-hearted pursuit of his client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise.

In addition to his speaking, coaching and consulting, Paul is the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind and Spirit. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly the “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member and keynote speaker of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

For those looking for an engaging and exciting coach or keynote speaker for their conference for team, look no further.


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Motivational Speaker Paul Krismer presents to an audience.
Conference attendees watch keynote speaker Paul Krismer


One of Canada’s top ten most notable keynote speakers!

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Ron Corbeil


Paul led a two hour workshop at our conference. We got overwhelming positive feedback from the conference attendees. Paul brought an inspiring message...If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can shift perspectives, I recommend Paul.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, investors group

Paul’s presentation during our National Planning Session was excellent! We got phenomenal feedback from everybody we polled. His approach was very interactive. He got people up who typically wouldn’t participate. It was a powerful, clear, and very positive message.

Lisa Tate

Lisa Tate, Institute of families

As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him. And we were all happier for the experience!

Vicki Gill

Vicki Gill, Department of National Defense

Paul’s presentation was dynamic. It spoke to every person in the room, regardless of their rank, their past experience and their age. He was really relatable. I followed up with people afterwards . . . It gave them the motivation to keep moving towards their goal of being healthier and happier.

Tammy Scott

Tammy Scott, Amica

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away. He showed us all that happiness really is a positive choice that we can make every day.

Melinda Morben

Melinda Morben, Island Timberlands

We had a lot of laughs. Paul's energy is just electric. The way he presents allows information to really seep in and become memorable. We will be doing more work with him and highly recommend him to others!

Murray Kimber

Murray Kimber, SpeedPro

Paul spoke to something essential all business owners crave: achieving meaningfulness and reward in how we approach our work and, by extension, our life. I appreciated his science based approach to demonstrate how greater satisfaction can be achieved. He was sincere and approachable.

Marna Johns

Marna Johns, Vancouver Island Correctional Center

Paul presented a  high energy and positive session on "Happiness and Well-being".  He entered a room of a somewhat skeptical group of professionals and was able to keep them engaged and participative throughout the session.  He is able to combine theoretical knowledge, storytelling and audience participation in his presentation. I highly recommend him.

Katrina Jensen

Katrina Jensen, AIDS Vancouver Island

Paul had an easy engaging style and used a variety of formats to present an interesting and informative workshop. It certainly inspired and encouraged us to think about the ways we can positively influence our workplace. I have clearly observed the ongoing positive impact of that on our staff. From an organizational point of view, it was time very well spent!

Susan Dankert

Susan Dankert, Pet Industry and Joint Advisory Council

What Paul said was relevant to any industry. . . He spoke at our gala event. He made a lot of sense to everyone, including the many small business owners who were in the crowd. The presentation was fantastic. There was rapt attention!

Mindy McManus

Mindy McManus, Clearly

The feedback has been great! Everyone who attended said they really valued what they learned. Paul, you are so energetic and knowledgeable. It was great to have someone so enthusiastic and passionate talk about happiness and mindfulness. Thanks for being open, honest and such a great presenter! We hope to have you present at Clearly again soon!

Jasmin Thomas-Brown

Jasmin Thomas-Brown, Brentwood College

I have invited Paul to speak at Brentwood College three times and I will keep inviting him back. His presentations are inspiring and practical. I always get fabulous feedback from the audience. Paul is the real deal—professional, intelligent, and engaging.

Keivan Mehrtabar

Keivan Mehrtabar, Diacon

This was one of the best presentations I have ever been to.  So powerful and effective. It can literally change your perspective on happiness for the rest of your life!

Dawn Miles

Dawn Miles, View Royal Municipality

As a public speaker Paul was inspiring. Just right . . . not pushy or contrived, rather he was 100% committed to his mission. It was an offering, take it or leave it. I loved it. Paul is a friendly, confident speaker with no overinflated personality. Great delivery. Great message.

Cheryl Lawrence

Cheryl Lawrence, Government of British Columbia

We needed someone to come in and give the team a lift - to remind us of what we can accomplish together, and that our workplace is a good place to be! The thing that really strikes me about Paul is that he is real. He speaks from the heart, and he is truly passionate about what he talks about which easily engages his audience. I am telling anyone who will listen that Paul is fantastic!

Susan Sproule

Susan Sproule, Forest Safety Council

Paul provided a window into a necessary understanding of human behavior that will benefit all who attend his talks. His easy-going style of delivery allows everyone to connect not only with the material, but also with him. Paul provides us with the tools to harness this essential human experience, and make it benefit our daily existence.

Aimee Arsenault

Aimee Arsenault, Tridon Communications

Paul presented at the Western Safety Conference. The scientific perspective was an interesting approach to the concept of individual happiness. The presentation was engaging and informative; providing tips to immediately start impacting the neural network and happiness level.

Eli Baker

Eli Baker, Victoria Hospice

Paul Krismer presented an entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking presentation on happiness and positive psychology for the staff at Victoria Hospice. Feedback from the talk was very positive and we look forward to bringing him back at some point in the future for other presentations. I would highly recommend Paul as a speaker and "happiness expert".

Linda Tesser

Linda Tesser, IG Publications

Paul led a session that was extremely engaging. We all walked away learning something new about ourselves – valuable information that we could use both in our professional and personal lives. I would strongly recommend Paul for corporate workshops and/or one on one professional coaching.

Chris Kleeven

Chris Kleeven, FortisBC

Funny! Energetic! Relevant! A ten out of ten! I recommend Paul.

Linda Jones

Linda Jones, Project Management Institute

I hired Paul to deliver a workshop for a group of international project managers. The scientific basis of his teachings was really important to me. . . and delivered in such a fun way! Great feedback from the audience! Great participation! Everything was just what I asked for.

Ryan Popilchuk

Ryan Popilchak, Cascades Containerboard Packaging

Frankly, Paul undersold himself. He was very engaging. He was so good we brought him back to speak to the whole plant. . . . We got great reviews from our employees. They all got something out of it!

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