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Executive Leader and Positive Psychology Expert

After more than 20 years as a leader of leaders—Paul brings his practical expertise in business to his passion for organization development, positive psychology and employee engagement to the forefront with his inspirational speeches and workshops. Paul is in his element when speaking about innovative culture change, succession planning, and the cultivation of high-performance teams. All of Paul’s work is grounded in the science of positive psychology.

Safety, Health and Wellness Expert

Few people have as much and as varied experience as a leader in Safety and Disability Management. As a consultant to high risk and high claims volume employers and industries, Paul managed innovative and powerful interventions. Paul oversaw groups of more than 200 professional disability management staff, including doctors, nurses and psychologists. Paul has the experience and mastery needed to deliver an organization-changing inspirational speeches to your audience today.

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Keynotes and Workshops

Happiness and Success: The Serious Business of Positive Emotions (Most Popular Keynote)

This talk is Paul’s most popular keynote and is suitable for any audience. In addition to being one of Paul’s most inspirational speeches, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop. The subject matter is presented with an emphasis on leadership when appropriate. 


Get a blast of personal and corporate well-being in this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. Most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years. We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather, happiness generally results from skills we can all learn.

If your company knows “what to do”, but too often falls short, you will discover new insights about how to powerfully engage employees and change corporate culture.  

Content highlights 

  • Scientifically connecting happiness with success 
  • Neurophysiology: how the brain can be re-wired 
  • Overcoming negativity bias 
  • Gratitude and appreciative inquiry
  • Necessity of healthy social relationships
Leaders as Role Models: Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management

This talk is suitable for people with subordinate direct reports and opinion-leaders who have influence on the corporate culture. It can be either a deeply thought-provoking keynote or a multi-hour interactive workshop. 


Many leaders come to their roles as a function of their expertise in a specific subject matter, but leadership requires more than job-specific skills. Leadership is a way of being. This talk de-emphasizes what we individually know and instead asks us who we are. 

Traditional employee engagement programs often buy the loyalty of employees’ bodies, but do not win their hearts and minds. In this workshop, learn direct interventions that change the way employees FEEL about their work and their workmates. Leverage positive psychology to bring creativity, productivity and joy into your workplace! 

Men and women who influence the behaviour of staff can learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine leaders—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission. Transformative organizational change occurs when bosses are coaches who lead with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity. 

Content highlights 

  • Thomas Crane’s leadership model 
  • Differentiation between leadership and tasks found in a job description 
  • Engaging Hollywood video content that drives the points home and inspires discussion
Mindfulness Everywhere: The Secret Weapon for Life and Business

This talk is suitable for any audience and is the highest energy and least boring talk on mindfulness that you’ll ever hear. In addition to being an inspiring keynote, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop. 


Why the heck is everyone talking about mindfulness these days? Mindfulness is the most researched of all positive psychology interventions. And the evidence is overwhelming clear: mindfulness is as foundational to good mental health as nutrition and exercise are to physical health.  

This presentation takes the mystery out of mindfulness and calls on participants to take their mental and emotional well-being seriously. Participants learn how the mind physically changes as a result of regular mindfulness practice. Theory is grounded in practical application during the workshop. 

With a foundation in science, taught with energy and humor, and served as a practical invitation, this workshop reveals what all the excitement is about. With over 25 years of personal experience in mindfulness practices, your facilitator has a rich understanding of how impactful this training can be. 

Benefits of mindfulness 

  • Improved emotional regulation 
  • Increased resilience to stress 
  • Faster mental processing 
  • Improved interpersonal relationships 
  • Greater focus 
  • More cognitive flexibility 
  • Boosted immune system  
  • Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure 
#MeToo In a Man’s World: A Discussion Like None Other about Workplace Respect!

This talk is suitable for any audience. The subject matter is presented with an emphasis on organization settings when appropriate. In addition to being one of Paul’s most original, progressive and inspirational speeches, this talk can be presented as a multi-hour, interactive workshop. 


How do we talk about gender discrimination without the conversation being “heavy”, “awkward“, and “depressing”? How do we address issues of misogyny and violence against women without men reacting defensively?

This uplifting, funny presentation gets right at the heart of these issues while insightfully demonstrating that the path forward lifts everyone—men and women. Paul shows how gender stereotypes that limit women also limit men. Observing the real opportunities of 21st century industrial innovation, this conversation is about personal and corporate momentum. Organizations that can anticipate the new economy can also navigate the era of #MeToo. 

Content highlights 

  • The most sought-after skills are now ones most associated with feminine characteristics 
  • How to combat the sociological conditioning that limits men’s expression  
  • The World Economic Forum’s prognosis of future leadership qualities 
Powerful Safety Cultures in the Mature Economy

Businesses are up against global pressures to compete, local realities of increasing social disengagement, and a 21st Century emerging economy, that is rapidly changing in character and form.  

In today’s economy, most large workplaces have established, written safety programs. There generally is not a failure in knowing what to do. Instead breakdowns occur due to inattention, persistent, yet sometimes hidden emphasis on productivity over safety, and indifference to safe job procedures. These persistent problems can be resolved! It requires long- term commitment to positive safety cultures.  

Get a blast of personal and corporate well-being in this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal engagement and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.  

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. Most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years. We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather, happiness generally results from skills that some people naturally pick up. Organizations that commit to culture change can reap the proven benefit of reduced injury rates and less disability.  

If your company knows “what to do”, but too often finds staff and management fail to do it, you will come away with new insights about how to powerfully engage employees and create impactful, effective corporate culture.  

Participants will learn 21st Century Leadership qualities:  

  • how to win hearts and minds 
  • alignment of vision and action 
  • leading by example 
  • drive attention to what matters 
  • practical, immediate tools to put into action right away
Integrity: Being a Safety Superstar
Safety really can be “Job One”!  

Many senior leaders, front-line supervisors, safety officers, and union representatives come to their roles because they are experts in their subject matter, but safety leadership requires much more than job-specific skills. As one of Paul’s inspirational speeches, this talk de-emphasizes what we individually know and instead asks us who we are.  

Find out how corporate cultures are open to positive change. Leverage personal integrity to bring creativity, reduced disability and superior safety outcomes in your workplace.  

Trust is an essential component to effective organization cultures. There is no single mechanism to create trust other than to behave with integrity. Words, slogans, images and procedures can never take the place of action. Pairing his information with clips from Hollywood films, Paul shows how people naturally adjust their actions and cooperate with others when they are in cultures of high integrity.  

Men and women who influence the behaviour of staff will learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine role models—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission. Transformative organizational change occurs when workers walk the talk, operating with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.

This talk creates a lump in the throat as people question how they show up at work. Paul’s inspirational speeches on integrity brings out the powerful question— “Am I bringing my best self?”  

Not Heroic: Just Save Lives
Can you look to examples of companies with excellent programs on paper and persistently disastrous safety outcomes? This talk powerfully changes perspective on what a good program looks like. Safety compliance is alluringly attractive but falls well short of real safety culture.  

This, as one of Paul’s inspirational speeches, moves safety culture from a theoretical goal to a case study of one company that did the work and made the transformation. No less than genuine cultural transformation is available. See the potential in your own workplace. Imagine a workplace where each staff member volunteers their hearts and minds, not merely the labour of their bodies. 

Culture is found in the conversation: the basic human relationships that form the context in which work is done. This talk shows exactly how companies can move from good in theory to good in practice. Based on real life work, we see how culture can be practically changed. We learn step by step, a complete approach to changing the human-to-human dynamic in a workplace setting.  

Funny, dramatic and, at the same time, do-able! Walk away with a whole new concept of what constitutes a culture of pervasive safety! 

Combatting Inattention: Mindfulness Matters
Men and women—all of us—are busier than ever. We are constantly considering our to-do lists, our relationships, our future worries and our past challenges. Combine this constant mental chatter with the perils of routine, repetitive work tasks and you have a recipe for disaster. The best safety systems have little application if workers are distracted and unfocused as they do their work. 

The secret weapon against distractions from safety is mindfulness. Mindfulness is as important for your brain as exercise and nutrition are for your body. To be mindful is to be fully present with what is actually happening in the moment. Do you have to sit cross-legged and learn to silently meditate? No! Everyone can learn shortcuts to being focused, on task and holding distracting thoughts and emotions at a distance. 

Based on real mindfulness programs taught to the hardest, toughest industrial workers—logging crews on the wild west coast of British Columbia—this talk explains how mindfulness can be made a part of every safety program. 

As one of Paul’s many inspirational speeches, this presentation takes the mystery out of mindfulness and leaves your team motivated to make change. Grounded in science and served as a practical invitation, learn why there is so much excitement about mindfulness. 

Paul specializes in front line supervisory leadership training. In addition to the workshops listed above, we offer training in these areas:

• 21st Century Leadership

• Change Management Made Easy

• Coaching High Performance

• Accountability Maximized

Contact us for more details: 1-844-KRISMER

Ron Corbeil


Paul led a two hour workshop at our conference. We got overwhelming positive feedback from the conference attendees. Paul brought an inspiring message...If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can shift perspectives, I recommend Paul.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, investors group

Paul’s presentation during our National Planning Session was excellent! We got phenomenal feedback from everybody we polled. His approach was very interactive. He got people up who typically wouldn’t participate. It was a powerful, clear, and very positive message.

Lisa Tate

Lisa Tate, Institute of families

As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him. And we were all happier for the experience!

Vicki Gill

Vicki Gill, Department of National Defense

Paul’s presentation was dynamic. It spoke to every person in the room, regardless of their rank, their past experience and their age. He was really relatable. I followed up with people afterwards . . . It gave them the motivation to keep moving towards their goal of being healthier and happier.

Tammy Scott

Tammy Scott, Amica

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away. He showed us all that happiness really is a positive choice that we can make every day.

Melinda Morben

Melinda Morben, Island Timberlands

We had a lot of laughs. Paul's energy is just electric. The way he presents allows information to really seep in and become memorable. We will be doing more work with him and highly recommend him to others!

Murray Kimber

Murray Kimber, SpeedPro

Paul spoke to something essential all business owners crave: achieving meaningfulness and reward in how we approach our work and, by extension, our life. I appreciated his science based approach to demonstrate how greater satisfaction can be achieved. He was sincere and approachable.

Marna Johns

Marna Johns, Vancouver Island Correctional Center

Paul presented a  high energy and positive session on "Happiness and Well-being".  He entered a room of a somewhat skeptical group of professionals and was able to keep them engaged and participative throughout the session.  He is able to combine theoretical knowledge, storytelling and audience participation in his presentation. I highly recommend him.

Katrina Jensen

Katrina Jensen, AIDS Vancouver Island

Paul had an easy engaging style and used a variety of formats to present an interesting and informative workshop. It certainly inspired and encouraged us to think about the ways we can positively influence our workplace. I have clearly observed the ongoing positive impact of that on our staff. From an organizational point of view, it was time very well spent!

Susan Dankert

Susan Dankert, Pet Industry and Joint Advisory Council

What Paul said was relevant to any industry. . . He spoke at our gala event. He made a lot of sense to everyone, including the many small business owners who were in the crowd. The presentation was fantastic. There was rapt attention!

Mindy McManus

Mindy McManus, Clearly

The feedback has been great! Everyone who attended said they really valued what they learned. Paul, you are so energetic and knowledgeable. It was great to have someone so enthusiastic and passionate talk about happiness and mindfulness. Thanks for being open, honest and such a great presenter! We hope to have you present at Clearly again soon!

Jasmin Thomas-Brown

Jasmin Thomas-Brown, Brentwood College

I have invited Paul to speak at Brentwood College three times and I will keep inviting him back. His presentations are inspiring and practical. I always get fabulous feedback from the audience. Paul is the real deal—professional, intelligent, and engaging.

Keivan Mehrtabar

Keivan Mehrtabar, Diacon

This was one of the best presentations I have ever been to.  So powerful and effective. It can literally change your perspective on happiness for the rest of your life!

Dawn Miles

Dawn Miles, View Royal Municipality

As a public speaker Paul was inspiring. Just right . . . not pushy or contrived, rather he was 100% committed to his mission. It was an offering, take it or leave it. I loved it. Paul is a friendly, confident speaker with no overinflated personality. Great delivery. Great message.

Cheryl Lawrence

Cheryl Lawrence, Government of British Columbia

We needed someone to come in and give the team a lift - to remind us of what we can accomplish together, and that our workplace is a good place to be! The thing that really strikes me about Paul is that he is real. He speaks from the heart, and he is truly passionate about what he talks about which easily engages his audience. I am telling anyone who will listen that Paul is fantastic!

Susan Sproule

Susan Sproule, Forest Safety Council

Paul provided a window into a necessary understanding of human behavior that will benefit all who attend his talks. His easy-going style of delivery allows everyone to connect not only with the material, but also with him. Paul provides us with the tools to harness this essential human experience, and make it benefit our daily existence.

Aimee Arsenault

Aimee Arsenault, Tridon Communications

Paul presented at the Western Safety Conference. The scientific perspective was an interesting approach to the concept of individual happiness. The presentation was engaging and informative; providing tips to immediately start impacting the neural network and happiness level.

Eli Baker

Eli Baker, Victoria Hospice

Paul Krismer presented an entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking presentation on happiness and positive psychology for the staff at Victoria Hospice. Feedback from the talk was very positive and we look forward to bringing him back at some point in the future for other presentations. I would highly recommend Paul as a speaker and "happiness expert".

Linda Tesser

Linda Tesser, IG Publications

Paul led a session that was extremely engaging. We all walked away learning something new about ourselves – valuable information that we could use both in our professional and personal lives. I would strongly recommend Paul for corporate workshops and/or one on one professional coaching.

Chris Kleeven

Chris Kleeven, FortisBC

Funny! Energetic! Relevant! A ten out of ten! I recommend Paul.

Linda Jones

Linda Jones, Project Management Institute

I hired Paul to deliver a workshop for a group of international project managers. The scientific basis of his teachings was really important to me. . . and delivered in such a fun way! Great feedback from the audience! Great participation! Everything was just what I asked for.

Ryan Popilchuk

Ryan Popilchak, Cascades Containerboard Packaging

Frankly, Paul undersold himself. He was very engaging. He was so good we brought him back to speak to the whole plant. . . . We got great reviews from our employees. They all got something out of it!